Q. How long before we get our images back?

We post to Facebook and other social media mediums a congratulations message with a chosen image within 24 hours. On Day 10 we deliver approximately 20 highlight images, these are “sneaky peak” images prior to final delivery. All images are finalised within 6 weeks of the wedding day.

Q. What style and range of images do you offer?

It has been our experience that everybody’s wedding is unique, and we endeavour to meet our client’s needs. We generally find our clients will pluck out different styles and combine them to make their own. At our first meeting we compile a brief of the day by discussing with a couple the theme of their wedding, the locations, and preferred style of photography.

This primary tool aims to realise a couple’s thoughts and ideas for their special day. Our clients can share their Pinterest board, giving us a visual concept of what they are looking for, and we reciprocate with suggestions, images or ideas.

Q. How will we receive our images?

All images are uploaded to a credit card sized USB Drive. We advise clients to copy them to their chosen digital device and store the USB Drive as a master copy with their other important documents. Clients are given 2 copies of the images one is in a large format and the second is in a web format.

The large format is specifically intended for printing or creating albums and canvases and are too large to upload to social media. The second folder are web sized images that have been modified so they can be uploaded to social media. They are identified by our copyright logo.

Q. Why is Yes We Are photography different from other photography services?

There are two things that we believe are the foundations to success in business. Keeping it simple and providing customer service that centres around customer needs and wants. We do this by listening carefully, working collaboratively with clients bringing our experience to the day. Whether it’s a wedding day or business’s wanting images for their website, we treat every assignment with the same philosophy.

Q. What services do you provide?

We are passionate about photography and our experiences span from Weddings, family portraits, events, real estate, short film productions, photo restorations and commercial photography. We are excited to work with range of diverse people and can create varying styles of photographic imagery. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Q. Who owns the images?

Our clients own their images. They are free to print or use them to create their own on-line wedding albums or framed prints or canvases. We also provide recommendation to clients for online services that we ourselves use.

“Yes We Are”, does however reserve the right to use any of the images we take, in advertising or products we decide to produce in the future.