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Welcome to Yes, We Are

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Hi Everyone!

After  12 months of planning with the last 3 months scrabbling to prepare for the Launch of” Yes we are”, we are about 7 days out from launch and I have to tell you I am excited and really apprehensive at the same time to see how we will do and what response we will get. We are planning to launch at the start of the Sydney Mardi Gras season at Fair Day 2013.  Estimated numbers coming are 70,000 LGBTI people, so come and see us and pose for a free Characture portrait provided to us by XXXXXXXXXX.

Some people have asked me, “Why now?  It’s not even legal in any state within Australia?”
Let’s be clear, the writing is on the wall. Marriage Equity in Australia is not a matter of “if” it’s going to happen it’s really a matter of “when”.  And for us the magic number was 64%, that’s how many Australians in our country have no issue with LGBTI community wanting to marry. And the more they say no to us the more determined we are becoming.

Our second reason was, about 6 months ago, Angie bought me a US based book called The Essential Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings by Tess Ayers and Paul Brown (Third Edition and a fantastic read). It’s the usual guide type of book but there was a section in the first chapter that struck a cord with me, quote;

“Okay, you say, commitment is one thing – but a wedding? Why bother? Because we humans love to mark milestones with celebrations.  From a baptism to a sweet-sixteen  party to a retirement party, we take stock of our lives with rituals. By planning a wedding ceremony, you are participating in an age-old rite that honours the purest and most basic union between two people.  A wedding is part of a universal language that says, “turning point,” and as a human being we need to feel we’re part of the pageant of history.”

Our third reason is we are just plain cranky at the tone that has been set by Leaders in this country regarding the subject of marriage equity. We are pretty conservative older girls who have patiently waited to hear why this option has been denied to us.  And if there was a logical reason given, we would be the first to say “Fair enough!”.  But in the last 5 years this topic has been in the public arena, not one logical argument has been presented that sits comfortably with us. In fact the debate has raged so much that we are finding the argument has shifted to a “us and them” mentality, with the final straw being, a certain politician in Federal parliament comparing same sex marriage to bestiality.  Come on??? What infuriates me is that debate was obviously not taken seriously and had been propelled to the gutter. Broadly, if we expect to be taken seriously by other countries, who we deem to have little or no human rights, we need to lead on these issues just as other countries we compare ourselves to.

All of these reasons combined has started a chain of events that has now become “Yes we are”.
And the response from all of our associates, businesses, friends and family has been overwhelming. Businesses are excited to have a new market that they are able to reach, friends have said what a wonderful idea and our associates (Graphic artist, printing businesses etc) have been extraordinarily enthusiastic about the concept and the future this will bring.

This blog is not intended to be a political statement, though; we are interested in the progress of the debate. The main purpose of this blog will be to give you access to small businesses that want your wedding business and want to contribute positively to your celebration.  It will also give you valuable information on relationships and other bits and pieces that you may find helpful.

It is easy to forget that we make history. We have to remember, great social change has never come through governments, it’s has come through its people, human history is littered with examples, industrialism, a right to education, feminism, racial segregation, the internet revolution and social media. All have come about because people, not governments, have stood up said something is unjust or we need to change. Governments only sanction change when it becomes apparent that by not making changes how foolish and out of touch
they actually are.

Life is funny though; I wonder how different people will feel when the first sets of invitations for Gay weddings start coming through the mail and excitement builds over their son or daughter or brother or sister or niece or nephew or Aunt or Uncle or friends or colleagues? How can anyone deny the love that two people share on their special day?

See you soon,

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