Our Story

The first 12 months for any business is colossal and for Yes We Are’s it’s been no different.  Updating our About Us statement has given us a chance to take stock, celebrate our achievements and look with excitement
towards the future.

We have been privileged to have done some amazing shoots, offered and ran with some great opportunities, learnt some incredible lessons and most importantly took some mind-blowing shots in a whole bunch of
different areas of photography.

Some of the highlights includes shooting one of the 33 historical Same-Sex Marriage in the ACT, stills photography on the short film “The Glue that Holds us together” and “Blokes don’t talk” and the glamourous
Dhooma Fashion show.  We entered Art and photography competitions, photographed Sydney’s March for March protests and were the official photographers for the Aids Action Council during ACT SpringOut 2013 events.

For the next 12 months growing our skills and business will be our priority as well as loads of laughter and most importantly more amazing shots.

We can’t wait to see what is around the corner!